Our Quality






The EIS Srl is a technological company that take care of the realization and commercialization of electronic devices, systems and products for computer science. 
The recognized experience and the constant search of innovative technological solutions that, with to the acquisition of new means and professional figures, consolidate the know-how business, place the Company in one prominent position in the high-tech field. 
The constant guideline to the Customer, holding account of the evolution of the markets, induces to modulate the own products/services in function of the most disparate business requirements. Therefore all the inner activities to the EIS, which the planning, 
realization and sale of the product, let alone the technical attendance post-sale, beyond guaranteeing the quality and the reliability of the supplied products, aims to establish with every Customer a tie that is not get exaustedded with the single order. 
Such lines directives are moreover consistent to requirement of norm UNI EN ISO 9001 in base to which the Company has certifyd just the System Quality. 

E.I.S. Elettronica Informatica Sud S.r.l.
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